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Privacy POLICy:

Any email addresses shared for the purpose of communication or newsletter sign-ups will be directly communicated to Matt Cooksey, and shared with no one else. Your personal information will never be shared with another individual or company as a result of sharing it via this website.

Content POLICY:

Due to licensing agreements with various companies, sharing videos or other images posted on the mattcooksey.com domain beyond this website could put my content at risk. Please enjoy what I have shared on my website by watching here, and direct others to a mattcooksey.com URL rather than posting video links.

Additionally, please request images and/or video excerpts via the connect page rather than directly copying from the website yourself. Visual content on my website could be downsized for faster loading, and I'd prefer to offer something of a higher quality if appropriate. Images and/or videos will be shared for professional evaluation or academic/artistic review purposes only.